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The Limelight journey so far

Our story

Our journey started in 2013 when the Homes and Communities Agency awarded Trafford Housing Trust funding to build 80 Extra Care apartments in the Old Trafford area.

A new heart of the community

Working in collaboration with Trafford Council, Trafford Housing Trust took the opportunity to redevelop the Old Community Centre, also known as The Library on Shrewsbury Street. The exciting new Limelight development was built in two phases to meet the needs of the existing community.

The first phase was to demolish the old community centre and to re-site St Brides Church across the road from its original location. The second phase was to design and build a brand new center for health and wellbeing in collaboration with the Old Trafford community.

Community at the heart from the very start

The focus at Limelight has and will continue to revolve around our vibrant community and their needs. From the beginning of the project, the whole community had an impact on what decisions were made. Community events, talking to local residents and Design Action Groups, enabled the Old Trafford community to make recommendations on areas of the new development.

The community had a valuable impact on the future social impact on the area, how the new Limelight would look and what extra care services were needed within the local community.

The start of our new community

The work on St Brides Church finished in 2016 and work then began on Limelight. Trafford Housing Trust took possession of Limelight on 18 September 2017 and officially opened to the public on 7 December 2017.

Trafford Housing Trust recognised the importance of engaging the community from the very beginning. A co-production approach was used to involve the community in the planning process through events, street based research and speaking to residents.

Further opportunities for the community to be involved in the decision-making process of the center for health and wellbeing were provided through Design Action Groups. These were set up to monitor, evaluate and make recommendations in the following areas of the new Limelight development: Governance, Social Impact and Added Value, Interior and Landscaping, and Extra Care.

This was just the beginning of the journey. Limelight and the services it provides will change as the community changes and as they continue to develop Limelight’s role in the Old Trafford community.

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