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Board Games Group

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    The Cafe at Limelight, 1 St Brides Street, Old Trafford, Manchester, M16 9NW

About the event

Do you love Board Games? Join Old Trafford Library’s Board Game Group – board games are provided, but feel free to bring your own. This group is aimed at adults (16+). Light refreshments also provided. We are very friendly and everyone is welcome.

Held Every 4 weeks on a Wednesday from 6pm to 9pm 

Board Games Available

Chess                              Labyrinth – the board game

Draughts                         Sushi Go

Cluedo                             Ricky & Morty – Total Rickall

Monopoly                        Shadows over Camelot

Operation                        Rayguns & Rocketships

Twister                             Burger Boss

Game of Life                   Tales of the Arabian Nights

Scrabble                          Love Letter

Buckaroo                         Masquerade

Playing Cards                 Smash Up

Uno                                  Lords of Waterdeep

Snakes & Ladders          Arkham Horror

Carcassonne                   Luchador

Settlers of Catan             Betrayal on the House on the Hill

Tortuga 1667                   Colt Express

Exploding Kittens           And Many Many More!

Please note that only a selection of games that are available each month as they belong to a member of staff’s private collection.

Please speak with the Library Staff if you would like to request a specific game for a meeting

Feel free to bring along your own favourite board game.

2018 Meeting Dates - Held every 4 weeks on a Wednesday Evening from 6 PM to 9 PM


7th February              25th July

7th March                   22nd August

4th April                     19th September

2nd May                     17th October

30th May                    14th November

27th June                  12th December

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