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Privacy Policy

I’m a Limelight customer – what do you do with my personal data?

Limelight is part of a company called Trafford Housing Trust Limited, and it’s Trafford Housing Trust which is responsible for keeping your information safe and complying with the law when we use it. This is called being a Data Controller.

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Why do you need my information?

At Limelight, we operate a “one building” policy which means that we try and make your experience of Limelight as seamless and consistent as possible. The community area of Limelight has lots of different uses and depending on what you’re there for, we might need to collect some information about you in order to make sure you have a great experience.

We collect different amounts of information dependent on what you want to do at Limelight. So for example, if you’ve booked rooms and you’re having an event here, we’ll need more information about you than if you’re just nipping in to meet someone and have a brew.


What information do you collect about me and why?

Just visitingIf you’ve just come in to have a look round, visit the chemist or the café or perhaps meet a friend, you might appear on our CCTV cameras, but that’s about it. We have CCTV cameras for the rare occasions when someone thinks about misbehaving, we have cameras there as a deterrent, and also as evidence to give to the Police if we think someone has broken the law.

Phoning us - When you contact us, we will keep a record of that contact on our electronic system. If you have telephoned us, we may record the call.

Making enquiries – you might want to know more about what’s happening at Limelight, or put your name down for an event or a class. If that’s the case, with your permission, we’ll take your name and contact details so we can get in touch with you. Sometimes you’ll need to pay to attend classes or events, and we can process those payments for you. We need to keep copies of invoices and payments for accounting, VAT and tax reasons.

Making a booking – Limelight has some great community spaces which can be booked for all kinds of events. When you make a booking we’ll need to take your name and contact information along with details of your event so that we can provide you with a great experience. You’ll usually need to pay for using the space, so we’ll process any payments required from you. We need to keep copies of invoices and payments for accounting, VAT and tax reasons.

Publicity – we’re proud of Limelight and the services we offer, and sometimes we like to shout about it! We occasionally take photographs and videos of Limelight and the people using the building for promotional purposes. When we do this, we’ll always ask for your permission beforehand.

You might be interested in what’s going on at Limelight and the products and services on offer, If that’s the case, we will keep your name and contact details on a Friends of Limelight database. You can opt-out of this at any time by emailing We won’t ever give your information to other companies for marketing purposes.

Visitors to the non-public areas and contractors – to help us keep you safe in an emergency and track who has an access fob for the building, we ask that all visitors and contractors sign in on arrival and sign out on departure, giving your name, organisation, car registration and who you are visiting.

Giving feedback – we want to know what you think about Limelight so you might be asked to fill in a feedback form. This is entirely voluntary and even if you do fill the form in, you don’t have to give your contact details unless you want us to get in touch with you about something.


How do you get my information, who collects it?

We collect your information in a number of ways:

  • Most of the information we collect comes from you, for example when you make a booking or enquiry you’ll tell us what we need to know. You’re in control over what you tell us and when.
  • When we take publicity photos and videos, this will be done by Limelight staff or a professional who we’ve asked to help us. They will always ask your permission first.
  • CCTV images are recorded by the cameras we have inside and outside the building.


How will you use my information?

We will use your information to:

  • Get in touch with you when we need to.
  • Provide you with the services you’ve asked for in a way that meets your needs and preferences.
  • Publicise Limelight and the services we provide.
  • Improve our services.
  • Comply with the law.

We will sometimes anonymise your information and use it to create statistics. We might do this for example to measure our performance or to better understand the demand for our products. When we create these statistics, it will never be possible to see that your personal information has been used.


Who will my information be shared with?

Information will be shared with Limelight staff so that they can provide the services you’ve asked for, and with Limelight managers, so they can oversee the work their staff are doing. Sometimes other colleagues who work at Trafford Housing Trust will need to see your information in order to do their jobs, for example, the Finance Team will need access to payment and invoice information.

Publicity information will be shared with the general public, this might be through websites, social media, posters and other campaigns.


How long will you keep my information for?

We need to keep most of your information on our files for 6 years after you stop using our services. This is so that, if there are any problems or complaints which might result in a legal or insurance claim, we have the information we need to respond to them. We also need to keep financial information for 6 years to make sure we comply with tax and VAT regulations.

You are able to ask for your information to be erased from our systems and if we no longer need it, we will erase your records. Sometimes we won’t be able to erase everything, in which case we will tell you what we need to keep and what we will erase.

We keep recorded telephone calls for no more than 12 months.


Where is my data kept?

The servers which host our computer systems are all based in the UK. We have agreements in place with service providers to ensure that your information is kept safe and in line with data protection law.

We hold some paper records, These are stored securely at our offices and are confidentially shredded by a reputable firm when we no longer need them.


How do I know my data is safe?

We train all of our staff on data protection matters so that they know how to keep your information safe and what they can use it for.

Our computer systems are all accessed by a user name and password so there is less risk that someone will be able to log on who isn’t authorised.

Information kept in our office is in locked cupboards and only staff who need it have access to it.


Access to my information

You can ask us for a copy of the information we hold about you at any time, for more information about how to do that, you can email



If you’re unhappy with something we’ve done, please get in touch and tell us, so we can put things right. Our Contact Us page lets you know how you can get in touch.

If you have a complaint about the way we have used your personal information, you can also contact the Information Commissioner through their website or by calling 0303 123 1113. They will get in touch with us to check we’re using your information properly and complying with the law.


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